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Matgenix is featured in Polytech Louvain


Polytech Louvain, the biannual magazine of the Alumni network of the Louvain School of Engineering, featured Matgenix in its "Face to Face" section.

Gian-Marco Rignanese and David Waroquiers, two of Matgenix co-founders, were interviewed by Nelson Garcia Sequeira at A6K, the Advanced Engineering Center in Charleroi. A6K is at the crossroads of innovation and engineering, providing a breeding ground for collaborations and development of advanced technologies.

With the publication of this “Face to Face” (in French: “Face-à-face”) in Polytech Louvain, Matgenix is recognized as a cutting-edge start-up in materials design using modelling. The Polytech Louvain magazine from the Alumni network ( of the Louvain School of Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain, EPL, is published twice a year and informs the members of the AILouvain about the innovations, engineering careers and activities of graduates and future graduates of the EPL.

See the full article (in French) here.