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Matgenix joins Co.Station, the tech coworking community in Charleroi


Co.Station creates innovative workspaces gathering tech startups, scaleups and companies with one business goal: Grow Together!

We are happy to announce that we just set up our offices in Co.Station Charleroi, an innovating workplace located on the banks of the Sambre river. By setting foot in the city centre of Charleroi, we will develop our network of collaborators and partners, increase our visibility and enter an ecosystem of tech and digital innovation. As part of this ecosystem, Co.Station Charleroi is a breeding ground for business development and is also one step away from the A6K community, the new platform of technological and engineering companies on the other bank of the Sambre river.

We want to thank the director of Co.Station Charleroi, Mathieu Demaré, for welcoming us in this inspiring environment. It is already a pleasure to work there, exchange ideas and challenges, meet with our future partners, collaborators, customers, … We have no doubt that Matgenix will greatly benefit from joining this network and that it will nurture our will to help our partners and customers.