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We offer tailored solutions to boost your research and development activities.

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Turn your industry knowledge into actionable intelligence with our approach based on the three pillars of research and development in chemistry, materials, and processes.





Research projects

We support our customers throughout the entire innovation process, starting from the idea to the concrete realization, production, and commercialization of your new materials and compounds. We help you to define clear and precise specifications. We propose tailored work plans matching your business goals and schedule. We identify the best candidates by executing this work plan and continue to support the implementation and up-scaling of your new materials, compounds, and processes.

Development of in-house solutions

We develop tailored software solutions for your applications: machine-learning models, scientific workflows, automated simulations, ... We analyze your needs during our align phase. We then design the architecture of your solution with high-quality standards and finally, we implement the software into your systems. After the deployment of the software, we provide support and maintenance for using or improving your software.

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Our vision

Think big. Explore broadly. Collaborate constantly.

We want to change the way industry makes new breakthroughs by boosting your efficiency to design, develop or optimize materials compounds and processes. We achieve this by using the most advanced and appropriate tools for virtual experimentation so you can focus on your business ideas and development.

We are not a traditional materials science company, nor are we an academic institution. We look to combine the best parts of both without the constraints of either.

We provide optimal tailored solutions for your specific applications. We implement and integrate our approach into your business decision support system, strengthening the bridge between technical and managerial scales.

our team

We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate experts in materials science and chemistry.